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AGM Election results

The PGARA Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday Sept 19, 2023 at 630 3rd Avenue in Prince George. Please welcome the 2023 Board of Directors. The club wishes to thank all the members nominated for positions, and say a special thank you to retiring director Steve Jackson for all his hard work and dedication to the club.

President - Jamie Crawford

Vice President - Aaron Conn

Treasurer - Lee Sheppard

Secretary - Guy Lefevre

Board of Directors

3 year - Rob Verkaik

2 year - Robin Case

2 year - Tristin Bruvold (NEW)

1 year - Grant Powers

1 year - Sean Quinn

1 year - Riley Markovics (NEW)

1 year - Nathan Linfitt (NEW)

Congratulations to all who were elected, and best wishes to a successful 2024 season.

Don't forget about the Halloween Havoc Hit to Pass, scheduled for Saturday Oct 21, 2023, with Time in's at 4 pm and Havoc starting at 5 pm




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