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Social Media Policy

Racing is a passionate sport, populated by passionate and colourful people.  The Prince George Automobile Racing Association (PGARA) welcomes and encourages spirited discussion and debate on any and all topics of interest to racing enthusiasts from all sources; fans, drivers, mechanics, and the general public.  It is not the intension of the club or Board of Directors to discourage any such discussions. However, when we choose to affiliate ourselves with this club, it is expected that conversations in the public eye be conducted in a respectful manner that is not disruptive, offensive, or harmful to others. 


Effective immediately, PGARA will be implementing the following social media policy.  The policy will be added to our website under the rules menu, and noted in all PGARA administrated social media sites.  The policy will also be included in the rulebook.


All Board of Directors, members, volunteers, or subcontractors should be aware of their affiliation to PGARA, stated or implied, and are subject to this policy.  All people having business or affiliation with PGARA are expected to review and understand these policies, and by participating in club work or activities, accept and agree to abide by the policies outlined within.


  • Only those club members specifically authorized by the Board of directors PGARA are authorized to speak on behalf PGARA. Information shared via social media not posted by them is the opinion of the individual and must be clearly noted as such​​

  • Respect the club members and Board of Directors of PGARA. When you identify yourself as a member of PGARA within a social network, you are connecting to our customers and fellow club members. Most social media is public information and can be viewed by anyone. Do not distribute information that could be construed as offensive, untrue, or harassing in any manner. If you are unsure about any information, clear the material to be distributed with the Board of directors before release.  Any resulting liability from unauthorized posts becomes the responsibility of the poster.

  • It is unacceptable to communicate or post information that defame, or is negative in any nature, towards PGARA, club members, or competitors. While your activities away from PGARA are of your own concern, public comments which negatively affect PGARA, the Board of Directors or competitors will not be tolerated

  • .All electronic communications and postings via social media channels that pertain to PGARA are subject to monitoring and review by PGARA officials at any time. This is regardless of the time the material was created.  Anything negatively reflecting towards PGARA may be used in reviewing the continued club member status. PGARA will respond as necessary to protect the interests of the raceway

  • Any club member, including the Board of Directors observed having negative social media in any form (facebook, Instagram, youtube, etc) about PGARA speedway park, PGARA officials, or drivers/team members will face disciplinary action.  Violators are susceptible, but not limited to imposing of fines, championship point deductions, suspension or removal of membership status, bans from club properties/sanctioned events. 

  • Determination of violations and penalties will be at the sole discretion of the PGARA Board of Directors.

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