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Entry Level Ministock Class (Hornets)


All car owners must provide Tech official with a specification sheet for their car.  This document will be used to check the car at any time during the season for compliance.



  1. Minimum age 14 yrs

  2. All drivers in all classes must use a SA2010 or newer Snell rated racing helmet.  No DOT or M-rated helmets are allowed.

  3. Racing gloves and shoes are strongly recommended.  These items will become MANDATORY in the coming years.  Consider yourself warned

  4. This race class is not for experienced racers to come in and dominate or intimidate younger drivers.

  5. Eligibility is solely at the discretion of the Pit Boss on race day, and if necessary, in consultation with the Board of Directors.

  6. Champions are ineligible to continue to race in this class.  However, all prior non-champs are welcome to continue to race.  However, this issue will be addressed in the off-season.  It is not intended for drivers to remain racing hornets indefinitely.


  1. Max Horsepower 132 horsepower from the factory.

  2. Right front camber will be allowed, drivers may cut and reinforce the right front strut tower, but it must be passed by the tech man for safety

  3. Wheels/Tires Must be stock, snow tires are OK. 

  4. 60 series and up only. Must have M+S manufacturing marks on tire.

  5. No chains, studded tires or hubcaps.

  6. No mixing of rim sizes.

  7. OBD2 reader, if the car came from the factory with it, must not be removed.  If it is not there, then the car is automatically illegal.  Car must have the original VIN number attached.

  8. A car built for another class (i.e. ministock or Pro mini), cannot be run in this Hornet class, even if it is reverted back to stock components.

  9. If a car is upgraded out of the Hornet class, it can NEVER return as a Hornet.



  1. Cage Must have 2” pipe (maximum outside diameter).

  2. Minimum 4 point roll cage required on all new car builds (suggested to add a Petty bar). Recommended to build a full cage with door bars, to allow for the car to be converted to a ministock in future.  Door bars must be built out to the doors.


  4. Front hoop allowed (maximum 2” outside diameter).

  5. All cars must have a minimum of one (1) windshield bar installed from top to bottom, evenly spaced, attached securely and be a minimum of ¼”x 1” steel. The bar may be placed on the outside of the windshield.

  6. Window net on the driver’s side window mandatory. This net must be removable and an approved safety window net. 10 Years old or newer and subject to tech approval. (No homemade window nets)

  7. Fuel Cell Can remain in stock location if the gas tank is plastic and is in front of rear axle.

  8. A skid plate must be secured between the fuel tank and track minimum 3/16 inch aluminum checker plate.

  9. If gas tank is behind rear axle, it must be removed and a fuel cell must be used.

  10. If fuel cell is used, it must be securely mounted with firewall between fuel cell and driver.

  11. Battery must be relocated inside the driver’s compartment, securely fastened and covered in rubber

  12. Racing belts required, minimum 5 point harness. 10 Years old or newer and subject to tech approval.

  13. All cars must have aluminum racing seats, properly mounted. No exceptions for existing or previously built cars.  Mounting must be minimum 4 x 5/16 bolts on bottom, and 2 x 5/16 bolts across the top below the shoulder belt opening.

  14. All doors, hood and trunk lids must be chained, bolted, pinned, or welded

  15. Minimum 3" x 36" yellow strip on back of trunk lid or on rear bumper for all rookie drivers.

  16. All chrome, glass, mirrors and exterior plastics must be removed.

  17. Must have muffler which exhausts behind driver.

  18. All cars must be presentable.

  19. Numbers must be on the doors and roof.  Roof numbers must be readable by the timing booth during both the day AND night, it is recommended that they be of starkly contrasting colors

  20. All suspension components, including bolts, must remain factory size, in factory location (Springs, shocks, etc.)

  21. The interior of the car may be “cleaned up” to remove sharp edges, no other metal may be removed.

2024 Hornet Rules 

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