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2023 Mini Mayhem Rules


FWD, 4 and 6 cylinder unibody cars

  1. Any RWD car allowed, must be 4 cylinders

  2. Any FWD car allowed, may be 4 or 6 cylinders


Build rules

The intent is to keep it simple and really easy

2 up 1 across, concrete in the door, minimum

No front hoop

Bolt a bar across the front fenders, bolted in, 1” hollow tubing, From fender to fender, in front of the rad…

Aluminum skid plate under the fuel tank, minimum 3/16”

Battery in the driver’s c compartment, securely fastened to the floor of the car

Night switch for fuel injection

5 pt harness, racing seat if you want it.

 Air bags must be removed from the car (not just disabled)

Fire extinguisher securely fastened, within reach of the driver

All cars MUST have one (1) front windshield bar, minimum 1/4" x 1" steel


Driver safety

Anything to ensure driver safety inside the cockpit is ok

Cage is ok within cockpit

Nothing to extend behind the driver

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