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Timing system Introduced

PGARA has purchased a timing system. The system has been received and will be active for the 2023 season. This will allow for more accurate and timely recording of lap times and finishing order. This system uses a transponder system, similar to systems in use recently at Goldpan speedway in Quesnel and at Thunder Mountain Speedway in Williams Lake.

PGARA has also invested a subscription so that these results will be available on the Mylaps website and app. Hopefully, as we become more familiar with the system, we will be able to publish this data DURING THE RACE DAY. PGARA’s scoring system will remain the same as it has been in prior years. The transponder data will allow for better and hopefully, quicker posting of results.

It is important to note that PGARA officials reserve the right to make a call during the event, and if there is a discrepancy with the timing system and on track results, the official decision will be determined by PGARA Officials, in consultation with the Board of Directors, if necessary.

For Drivers, this means that there is a requirement to have a transponder mounted on your race car during each race day. This will require a rental “fee” of $15 for each race day. Add this to the Entrance fee for car and driver, the total cost of admission for a PGARA event will be $40 per race day for each car and driver. You may also b

ring your own transponder, but it must be compatible with the purchased system, and you will be solely responsible maintaining your subscription, and keeping the unit charged up.

Each car and driver will receive a transponder mounting bracket. This can stay in the car for the season upon registration, but the transponder will be securely stored, and charged up for each race day, and will have to be returned at the end of each race day.

The transponder needs to be mounted in the same spot on each car. It is STRONGLY recommended that you mount the bracket in the lower left (driver side) rear for the best signal transmission capacity. It should be as close to the track as possible without dragging or causing damage to the transponder unit or the track surface.

We have been advised that this is the same system used by the other tracks, so the bracket should be the same for the other tracks.




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