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On this chilling day in December, Hornet class driver Corbin Conn will be featured in a Telus documentary series starting on DECEMBER 27, 2022. See the official medial release below


Places That Matter to People

Landmarks (2022) is a new five-part short-documentary TV series set in Prince

George, B.C. and Fort McMurray, Alberta that launches on December 27.

Episode 01-- PGARA Speedway

A stock-car racetrack with a heart

On this weekend the third generation of the Conn family – 14-year-old Corbin - gets behind the

wheel of a stock car at the Prince George Automobile Racing Association track, a local

landmark in Prince George B.C.

Landmarks is a series of stories about places in B.C. and Alberta that matter to people. Some

are profound, others are quirky - but every episode tells a charming tale of past and present

human experience.

“It’s been a privilege to learn about the rich history of some special places in B.C. and Alberta,

and meet some truly wonderful people while making this new TV series for TELUS,” says series

writer/director Peter Hays.

Landmarks is produced by Tangerine Productions with the support of TELUS. Streaming on

TELUS Optik TV Channel 8 starting at 8 a.m. PST on December 27th. Episodes will also be on

YouTube at TELUS originals YouTube.