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All engine, body and suspension parts must be make to make and model to model. All window nets and 5-point safety belts must be 10 years old or newer and subject to tech approval


Refer to safety rules section. Just because the rules don’t cover a modification, do not assume you can do it.


Body Specifications

1. Any four-passenger sedan. No sports cars. Trucks allowed.

2. Body shape must remain stock. Lexan rear windows or Quarter windows allowed. No right side door lexan windows.

3. No 4-wheel drive vehicles.

4. Minimum 3" x 36" yellow strip on back of trunk lid or on rear bumper for all rookie drivers.

5. No fiberglass or plastic seats allowed.

6. Plastic nose and tail pieces allowed.

7. Car must have original VIN number attached and OBD2 reader must remain in car.



1.All suspension components must remain stock to make and model of car with the following exceptions: 

  1. Left and right front Aftermarket bolt-in adjustable upper and lower control arm ok (must have visible part number), must be fixed in place at the track, must use stock factory holes

  2. cutting of left and right front factory upper and lower control arm (stretching & shortening) ok

  3. You can only choose one control arm per side of the car (Upper or lower) to modify on the front.  You cannot run modified front upper AND lower control arms on the same side of the car.

2. All pivot points and mounting points must remain in stock location.

3. Springs may be cut and spacers allowed. (No aftermarket shocks or springs). Adjustable spring spacers may be used, but must be fixed on race day.

4. Shock must remain in the stock position. No adjustable shocks. (Exception Rule 5 below)

5. May modify mounting point on upper right front strut tower for camber adjustment.

6. Four (4) wheel camber allowed

7. Strut tower mounting point holes may be enlarged, no cutting or modifying of structure is allowed. (Exception Rule 5 above)


Rear End Rules

1. Any gear ratio allowed.

2. Rear end and Transaxle must remain stock to make and model of car.

3. No posi track, welded rear ends or transaxles allowed.



1. All brakes must be in working order.

2. No aftermarket brake bias allowed.

3. All brakes must remain stock to make and model of car.



1. 50, 55,60, 65 and 70 series street-legal tires allowed. Drivers may run ZR rated tires , with a minimum 200 treadwear limit

2. Maximum of 7” rim width. Aftermarket rims allowed.

3. All tires to be 13”, 14”, 15” or 16" No mixing of sizes.

4. Wheels and tires not to protrude past fenders

5. No ZR rated tires, No R rated tires.  No tires that are recommended for competition purposes, minimum treadwear 200 and it have a manufacturer stamp.



Engine Rules

1. Must be make to make, model to model. No rotary engines

2. Factory horse power rating of 150 hp max. All engines must be naturally aspirated.

3. Fuel injection allowed.

4. Only one stock carburetor allowed.

5. All engine components must remain stock- only OEM replacement parts allowed.

6. Stock camshaft only. Stock rods only for engine (no aftermarket rods allowed). No camshaft advance or retard keys or pulleys allowed.

7. Must use stock crank for that engine.

8. No mixing or matching of parts to achieve any non stock configuration.

9. No adapter or spacer plates between carburetor and intake. No throttle body spacers.

10. No decking of block.

11. Engine teched and sealed optional.

12. OBD2 reader, if the car came from the factory with it, must not be removed and it must function. If it is not there or not functional, then the car is automatically illegal. (All cars 1996 and newer are all OBD2 compliant)


Head Rules

1. Absolutely no machining of parts or port matching of heads.

2. Valves to remain stock size and configuration.

3. Rocker arms, Valve springs and Push rods to remain stock for that engine.


Intake Manifold

1. Must be Stock intake, No Machining or grinding allowed.

2. Reusable (i.e. washable) air filters allowed, provided they sit in the stock location of the car. Factory air box may be removed.

3. Air cleaner must be in stock location, with factory tubing from filter to engine.  From air filter forward, do what you want



1. Any stock make to make, model to model carburetor.

2. Only single carburators allowed.

3. No performance carburators allowed.

4. No air boxes allowed.



1. Must have stock points or stock electronic ignition only.

2. No high performance or aftermarket coils allowed including any spark enhancers.

3. Single Kill switch required to both disable the ignition and electric fuel pumps on fuel injected cars. All switches to be clearly marked.

4. Ignition and fuel pump also to be connected to fuel pressure reduced pressure sensing switch mount on rail or in fuel line (inertia switch for roll over in Fords may be accepted).



1. Stock OEM exhaust manifolds only. Exhaust maximum 2" OD tube.

2. Exhaust to exit behind driver, if exhaust located inside car, it must be shielded from the driver

3. Muffler required.

4. No mixing or matching of parts to achieve any non stock configuration.



1. Any stock auto or standard transmission for make and model of car.

2. Only stock flywheel and clutch to be used for make and model of car.

3. No machining or modifications to flywheel or pressure plate on standards. No machining or modifications to ring gear or torque converters on automatics.

4. Only stock torque converters allowed. Transmission coolers allowed.


Body Stripping Rules

1. No metal to be removed from inside car, trunk, or hood.

2. Door skins must not be gutted, only clearance to fit door bars is allowed.


Fuel tank or cell

1. Approved gas tank (Fuel Cell recommended).

2. Fuel tank mounted in trunk. Fuel cell to be above trunk floor but may be mounted inside spare tire well.

3. Stock fuel tanks may remain in car with the following conditions.

4. Tank is plastic and situated in front of rear axle.

5. Aluminum skid plate to be mounted underneath and cover entire fuel tank (Minimum 3/16”)

6. Gas caps to be tethered and marked with car number


2024 Mini Stock Rules 

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