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Rules Updates

The board of directors have consulted with membership and are working with other tracks in the area to develop a consistent set of rules that will allow all competitors to race together at any track and be equal. These rules will be added to the Rulebooks on the Website soon.

The following changes are being applied to the 2022 season:


There will be no changes to the eligibility rules and duration of competition limits for the 2022 season. Champions will still be ineligible to continue to race in this class. However, all prior non-champs are welcome to continue to race. However, this issue will be addressed in the off season. It is not intended for drivers to remain racing hornets indefinitely.

New for 2022 - Right front camber will be allowed, drivers may cut and reinforce the right front strut tower, but it must be passed by the tech man for safety


Drivers can now ZR rated tires (remove limitation), with a minimum 200 treadwear limit

Increase HP allowed to 150 hp

Street stocks

Fibreglass hoods allowed

Leaf spring cars cannot have adjustable spacer block between leaf spring and rear end

Cylinder heads – only allowed

Stock double bump cylinder heads AND/OR

There will be 2 part numbers allowed

Dart - 10024361 to be confirmed

World products – 043610-1 to be confirmed

Allowed 4 new tires on opening night race ONLY, all subsequent race days only 1 new tire will be allowed, tires qualified on will have to be raced that day

Any blown tires must be replaced by an equivalent used tire.

Subsequent race day, tires from last race day must be run again (3 of 4)

Invitational/Tri cities allowed 4 new tires, and this race day will not be counted for local championship points




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