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Glen "Moose" Scott

For those who have not heard, a long time member of the PGARA family and voice of the club at the track for many years, Glen "Moose" Scott passed away on February 19, 2021 at the age of 75.

Although many of the tributes focused on his involvement in local Lacrosse in Prince George, he was also the track announcer for many years. It is not clear how long he was doing this. I only remember him from my first time going to the track in 2002 and my first year racing in 2003.

However, people I have spoken to say he was there for upwards of 20 years, since the club was at the Ferry Ave. & Highway 16 W location (where the current Real Canadian Superstore is located). All those who remembered him on our Facebook page commented on how much he made them laugh and how much they treasure the memories of him and how much they had learned from him.

Moose has been added to the 'in memory of" section of the website, and you can read the news story from the PG Citizen newspaper here .

All of us at PGARA are saddened by his loss and we are grateful to him for the legacy he left behind for future generations of racers and fans. Checkered flags forever, Moose.




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