About Us

The Prince George Automobile Racing Association was founded in 1951 to assist and govern safe competitive auto racing. The association is non-profit so the earnings are put back into the facility for maintenance and improvements. Over the years PGARA has made several changes for the safety and comfort of the spectators and racers


The race track is located on the East side of town across from the Airport. Just head out Highway 16 East (First Avenue) to the top of airport hill. We are located on the corner of the Old Caribou Highway and Highway 16 East.



PGARA' s Mandate is to provide and place where safe and responsible racing can take place first and foremost. In both facilitating and offering this to our Members, we have an additional goal to present to our fans a great event in a well prepared facility. The Directors believe this is essential to fans long term support and growth. We want the experience at PGARA to be entertaining, while offering the spectator as many services and amenities as we can. This will support the mandate of increasing spectator attendance to double or triple present levels. PGARA is driven by both the evolution of it's classes and the facilities that we presently have and make changes in the the best interests of progression of racing in western Canada. As the association grows, the demand for improvements and promotion has been the forefront of challenges for the organization. Where the 'not for profit' advantage of the facility puts money back into the track, the Board of Directors work to ensure the income of the track has a corporate attitude.


Prince George race enthusiasts volunteer their time and effort to assist in the normal operation of the facility. Many of these volunteers have been with the association for many years and have contributed greatly to the maintenance and care of the track. Race days provide a number of responsibilities that are filled by Directors and Volunteers. Flag person, gate keepers, spotters, and more including the new addition or the Prince George Rescue Society as Emergency crew will keep PGARA at the top of it's game.

2017 Executive

President: Chris Arronge
Vice President: Jamie Crawford
Secretary: Guy Lefevre
Treasurer: Joan Murphy

Board of Directors

Aaron Conn
Robin Case
Danny Arronge
Brad Wallin
Shane Murphy

Track Facts

Track Profile Length: 3/8 mile
Width: 52'
Surface: Paved
Banking: Turns - 12 degrees
Straights - 6 degrees
Scoring: PGARA Volunteers


Seating: 1500
Amenities Food Concession (Grandstands & Pit)
Wheelchair Accessible, No Dogs Allowed
Parking: 3 Acre Crush Gravel

Racing Classes

Local: Street Stocks, Mini Stocks, Hornets and Hit to Pass
Provincial: ARCA West.
National: NASCAR Canadian Tire Series.

Track Records

Super Modifieds: 14.247 # 44 Bill Irving August 04, 1995.
Pro Stock: 17:282 #18 Korbin Thomas May 19, 2001.
Hobby Stock: 18.047 #16x Chris Arronge July, 2005.
Street Stock: 17.813 #16 Chris Arronge May 24, 2016.
Bombers: 19.015 #69 Stan Kornelsen September 3, 1998.
Thunders: 19.344 #17 David Olsen July 26, 2003.
Mini Stock: 19.559 #18 Devin Barks July 14, 2012.
Hornet: 20.590 Riley Markovics Sept 9, 2017.
Hit To Pass: Most laps in a Main Event #55 Tony Thornett 231 laps Sept 3rd, 2000.

Saturday Races Sunday Races
Time Trials at 6:00
Racing at 7:00
Time Trials at 1:00
Racing at 2:00

Admission Regular events
Adults $10.00
Age 13 - 18 $5.00
Age 12 and under Free
Seniors Free
Handi-cap Free
Pit Pass $15.00 + Membership
Admissions Hit to Pass
Adults $20.00
Age 12 - 18 $15.00
Age 6 - 11 $5.00
Age 5 and under Free
Seniors Free
Handi-cap Free
Pit Pass $15.00
Admissions WESCAR
Adults $20.00
Age 12 - 18 $15.00
Age 6 - 11 $5.00
Seniors $5.00
Age 5 and under Free
Handi-cap Free